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An excellent field of vision... The safety goggles PROFILE are a revelation thanks to its ergonomic design, its extreme lightweight and adjustable strap. Very comfortable thanks to its PVC frame, the goggle PROFILE is popular for regular and intensive use. Available in five versions: polycarbonate or acetate lens, ventilated or sealed, and also a welding version shade 5.


86gr (acetate)
99gr (pc)


  • PVC frame.
  • Fits with respiratory half mask.
  • PC or acetate lens.
  • Reinforced anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings (KN).
  • Fits over prescription spectacles.
  • Available in ventilated or sealed version.
  • Adjustable strap.
  • Pivoting buckle.


 Clear Lens 2PRONV23C
 Welding Shade 5 2PRONV23W5
 Clear Lens Acetate 2PRONV31C
 Clear Lens Acetate Vented 2PROV23C
 Clear Lens Vented 2PROV31C