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COVERLITE one of the best definition of a Creative eyewear... overspecs for prescription wearers or spectacle for visitors for whatever the way you wear it you will love it! With an unrestricted peripheral vision, high side arms graduate to soft, flexible material for additional comfort. pantoscopic side arms adapt to any facial shape for customised fit and optimal protection with soft grip for a pressure free fit

And a version available in orange 550 lens for specific applications such as surface inspection, mechanical work, ultra-violet light, vulcanization, work with curing light lamp, dentist and medical application.

Weight 35g


  • Unrestricted peripheral vision
  • Lateral protection


  • Soft temple tips
  • Ventilated browguard
  • Pressure free fit


 Clear Lens 1COV23C
 Orange Lens 550 1COV23OR550
 Smoked Lens 1COV23S
 Blue Temple Smoked Lens 1COV23SKN
 Blue Temple Clear Lens 1COV23CKN
 Welding Shade 5 1COV23W5